Everything you need to know about your vehicle exhaust system and its components

For the car to run successfully there are so many parts inside them and they need to work appropriately. Among those, the exhaust system is also one important system for the car. It helps in collecting the exhaust gases from the cylinders and removes harmful things, minimize the noise and discharge the purified exhaust gases at the right point of the vehicle to have good running.

When you need a safe drive from your vehicles it is important to have good functioning of the exhaust system. When you need to ensure them, choose the right car service Maroochydore and have regular car service from them. There are many components for the exhaust system and here are some of the significant components.

Everything you need to know about your vehicle exhaust system and its components

Headers or exhaust manifolds

The first exhaust component to handle for the exhaust gases in the engine is the header. After market the headers are typically mandrel bent in order to reduce exhaust restriction and this allows the exhaust gas to move freely. With this power-robbing back pressure is reduced and helps build up exhaust flow velocity to create energy pulse. This pulls or scavenges the gas that is spent in the engine. The length of the headers varies from full length or short based on the dimension there are multiple configurations like Tri-Y and 4-into-1.

Down pipe

These just simply link the header to the mufflers. In between the header and the muffler, the downpipes will be interrupted by a catalytic converter based on the application of them.

Catalytic converter

The vehicles that are produced after 1975 come with the catalytic converter. These are used to reduce some harmful emissions of the vehicles to release in the air and to increase pollution. There is also law to make compulsory to have these in the vehicles to run in the public roads.


The muffler is the most important component in the exhaust system that works to reduce some noise in the system. Based on the style of the muffler it uses some combination of baffles, chambers, sound dealing materials, and perforated tubes to achieve the goals completely. There are also different ways to produce different exhaust tones. Ideally, an after market muffler will offer good performance without creating high power stealing back pressure.

Cross cover pipes

These are designed to balance the exhaust flow on the dual exhaust system. They are installed near the headers and they help by reducing uneven exhaust flow from the cylinders that are at the back. This also reduces the back pressure by preventing an exhaust build-up on the sides of the system. The most common used crossover pipes are X-pipes and H-pipes. As the name says the X pipes looks like X and H pipes look like H.


It is the final piece is the exhaust system and runs from the muffler to the back side of the vehicle. Most of the after marketers will finish the chrome exhaust tip with these. If needed, you can also buy them separately from the shops and fix them in your exhaust system.

By now you might have known the basic anatomy of the vehicle exhaust system and it will help you highly in choosing the right exhausting system for your vehicle. Also, when you look for exhaust repairs sunshine coast make sure you are repairing the entire exhaust system with proper care and make them.

Your vehicle exhaust system is highly important for the proper functioning of the car. So make sure you are checking the exhaust system components with the essentials safety measures and ensure the safety of you and your family. By this, you are also providing a way of the others in the road to have a safe journey without any interference.


Why A Roadworthy Certificate Is Needed For Your Car

The Government of Queensland aims to protect the rights of the car buyer as well as the pedestrian and other car drivers. For this, it has made it mandatory for all cars on sale or which are to be registered to have a roadworthy or safety certificate. Generally, this is a certificate that shows if your car is worthy to be driven on the road or not.

To get this certificate, a licensed mechanic will check every aspect of your car, from the tyres, seats, engine to the other accessories, to ensure that the car is roadworthy enough to be sold or registered.

A roadworthy certificate is crucial in ensuring that the buyer’s rights are protected and that he has a car which is can be driven safely on the road. This is especially crucial for those looking to buy second hand cars.

Why A Roadworthy Certificate Is Needed For Your Car

When is it needed?

As mentioned before, roadworthy certificates are needed for getting a new car registered or reselling your old car. Whenever you put your car up for sale, you need to display the roadworthy certificate on the car or on the windshield of the car if it has a sign saying ‘For sale’.

If you do not display your safety certificate when the vehicle is on sale, you run the risk of getting a fine from the Government.

How can it be obtained?

A roadworthy certificate is issued by a private entity, generally a mechanic, who has the license to issue the certificate. This licensed mechanic will check the vehicle and issue the roadworthy certificate. If the vehicle is not worthy of getting a roadworthy certificate, you can make the necessary repairs so that you can then get the roadworthy certificate made for your car.

Roadworthy certificates come with a lifespan which depends on who is selling the vehicle. Generally, new vehicles get roadworthy certificates for a two month or 2000 kilometer validity, whichever comes first. If the vehicle is transferred before this period, a new roadworthy certificate will be needed.

Roadworthy certificates can be transferred from one name to another depending on various situations, for example if you have inherited the vehicle or you want to transfer the ownership to your spouse.

Situations where the vehicle is exempt from having roadworthy certificates

  • The seller of the vehicle is in a remote or exempt area
  • The vehicle is unregistered and is being traded between two auto dealers.

If you need to sell your car or get it registered, do not worry as you can get the Safety Certificates In The Sunshine Coast. Getting the Roadworthy Certificates On The Sunshine Coast is easy with the help of licensed mechanics like Suncoast car care.

Here Is How To Inspect Your Car For Its Safety

If you have a car, it should be safe to drive in it. This is a given. We generally take it for granted that our cars are safe to drive in. However, there can be some issues with the car that can pose a health and safety risk. If this is neglected for quite some time, it can have disastrous consequences.

With this article, we are going to share with you ways in which you can check the safety of your car. If you feel the car is unsafe, you can get a Safety Certificate for it from the Sunshine coast where there are leading garages that help you with getting Roadworthy Certificates for you from the Sunshine coast.

here is how to inspect your car for its safety

Check on the Fluids

The fluids of your car have a very important role. They ensure that the car runs smoothly with the proper temperature and lubrication. For this, you need to ensure that the car is parked on a level surface. You should always start your engine when it is cold as the fluids like the oil and petrol can expand when heated. If your car is parked on an uneven surface, the meter readings of the fuel may be false, causing you to over or under fill the petrol or other fluids.

You should also ensure that you change the oil of the car regularly. You should also check on other oils like transmission, brake, whitewasher fluid and others to ensure they are running well.

Check the Tyres

The tires ensure your comfort and are crucial to your vehicles safety. They are the ones who do all the heavy lifting- running on the road and protecting you from corners. Do check your tires tread and see if there are any stones in it.

Also see if the tires tread is at least 1/16th of an inch. If it is not, it is time you changed the tires. The pressure of the tires also needs to be checked. You can inflate the tyres to get the most of gas mileage, but do this with caution and with the help of a professional. When you are changing the oil for the car, ensure that you also rotate the tires. Make sure that your car’s spare tire is new, lest you be stranded in the middle of nowhere without a tyre.

Check the safety equipment

For a truly safe ride, your car’s safety equipment should be working properly. The seat belt should retract automatically when removed and all the lights inside and outside the car should work properly. The air bag can be checked by turning the engine on and letting it be idle. This will turn the airbags light on and then off. If it remains on, there could be a potential issue. In such a case, do check with your mechanic about it.

These are the main ways in which you should check the safety of your car. As it is said, a stitch in time saves nine. If there are any potential issues with the car, you can get it solved as soon as possible so that you do not have to suffer later.

Why A Pre-Purchase Inspection Is Crucial Before You Buy A Used Car

If you are somebody who needs to get behind the wheels of a car as soon as possible, a used car can be the best option for you. However, if you just buy the car just by looking at it at face value, there could be problems with the car that you may have not noticed and could be very costly. That is why you need to ensure that you do a pre-purchase inspection of the car before signing in on the dotted line for any car. Getting this Roadworthy Certificate At Sunshine Coast can help you ensure that you do not have to worry about getting any unexpected nasty surprises from your car.

why a pre-purchase inspection is crucial before you buy a used car

What entails a pre-purchase inspection of a used car?

A Pre-purchase inspection or PPI is done by a licensed mechanic or technician who makes a thorough inspection of the car to ensure that it is worthy of being used on the road. He determines the condition of the car based on its mechanical, safety and cosmetic conditions. The mechanic will also let you know if there can be any potential flaws in the car in future and will also see whether the car has been properly repaired after getting damaged in the past. Getting to know the exact condition of the car can help you to determine the exact price of the car or abandon the negotiations if the cost is too high.

Where to get your car inspected?

You can get your car inspected from the dealer on site. The dealer should be open to allow you to get the car inspected by a licensed mechanic of your choice. As a buyer, you have a right to get the vehicle checked thoroughly before buying it. Generally, there is a non-binding agreement to buy the vehicle and a refundable deposit that gives you legally acceptable preconditions to do an inspection.

What is checked in a pre-purchase inspection?

In a PPI, the mechanic will do a general safety inspection. He will visually check all the components, ensuring that they are working correctly. They also take the vehicle for a test drive to check if the car is working as per their expectations. You can also ask your mechanic to do a thorough check where the car is raised on a lift and checked for all its components to see if it is working just as expected. The main aim of this inspection is that all the issues with the car’s working should come to the fore and should be repaired before being sold again.

What to do if the car is found damaged during the inspection?

This can be an opportunity or a means to move on to another car. If the car in question has been damaged and the car is of a premium make, you can use it as a bargaining chip for price negotiations and get to a price where you can buy it and repair it yourself.

If the car is damaged and if the repair cost is significant, it is best to move on to another car.

Depending on what the pre-purchase inspection has said, you can then proceed to buy the car if the conditions of the car are in your favor. Do ensure to negotiate the price if there are any issues with the car that you can solve as an additional expense. Without a PPI, getting a car can be fraught with risks.

Why It Is Important To Repair And Maintain The Exhaust System Of Your Car

The exhaust system of your car is essential as it ensures that all the harmful fumes are removed from the engine. If there is any problem with the exhaust system, it can cause these fumes to re-enter into the engine or worse, in the passenger cabin, causing a deadly health scare.

However, you can be sure that the car is running smoothly if the car’s exhaust system is working just fine. It is essential that you have the right exhaust system so that the car can work properly with the best fuel economy. Whenever you have any issue with Exhaust Repairs At The Sunshine Coast, you can always contact us here at Suncoast car care.

There can be many reasons for issues with the exhaust systems of the car. These are the main signs that you need to look out for in the case there is an issue with the exhaust system of the car.

why it is important to repair and maintain the exhaust system of your car

Vibrations– If your car is vibrating a lot or is using a lot of power, this could be a sign that you need to check with a professional car mechanic. This could mean that the exhaust system is breaking down, in worst cases, the car may stop completely if you have just ignored the vibration in the car.

Check Engine Light– If the catalytic converter is not working properly, or if there is an issue with the exhaust, the check engine light may blink on your dashboard. In such a case, you need to consult a professional before it is too late.

Rattling noises-If the catalytic converter isn’t working properly, this can result in rattling noises akin to someone shaking a box full of coins. The catalytic converter is the most expensive part of the car if this fails you have to shell out a lot of money. In the case of such noises, it is always suggested that you get your car checked by a mechanic.

Loud noises from the exhaust– If the exhaust is giving you more loud noises than before, to ensure that you get your car checked by a professional. It is best to ensure minor repairs are made in a time before this turns into a big repair.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency– If you feel that you are having to fuel up quite often than before, there could be something wrong with the car. In such a case, get your Car Serviced And Repaired From Your Car Mechanic Here At Maroochydore to ensure that nothing is amiss.

For your car to work properly, the exhaust system and all other components of the car need to be looked into on a periodical basis to ensure that it will work when needed. You should not ignore any noises, vibrations or the constant need to refuel if your car is showing signs of issues. With Suncoast car care, you can always be assured that your car is in safe hands and that it will be serviced and repaired whenever you need it.

Here’s Why Your Car’s Muffler Is Important And How You Need To Take Care Of It

The muffler of your car is one of the most crucial parts that need to be taken care of. It is a part of the exhaust system of your car. The muffler is crucial in ensuring that the engine’s noise is canceled and the backpressure of the engine is taken care of, giving your engine the best endurance and performance. If there is no muffler, the backpressure caused due to the engine’s valves can collide with each other and cancel each other out, affecting the engine’s performance.

With the muffler being so important to your car, it is essential that you keep it well maintained so that it doesn’t cause damage to the engine’s exhaust system or cause unnecessary stress to the engine. There are many problems that can cause a breakdown to your muffler, let us see some of the common problems, how to notice them and what to do in the case of these problems.

here_s why your car_s muffler is important and how you need to take care of it

Common problems of the muffler

Loose parts/Holes– If the car has hit a pothole or a rock has kicked up the muffler from underneath, the muffler can develop cracks or holes. In such a scenario, you have no other option but to replace the muffler.

Rust- The exhaust system of the car collects a lot of water over a long period of time. However this water doesn’t evaporate as the exhaust system does not get heated enough. This causes condensation and results in rusting of the muffler. This happens especially in places where it rains and snows a lot and also near beaches where there is a lot of salt in the air.

How to identify a muffler issue?

Does your car need more refuelling? Do you need to refuel your car every now and then? Is this much more than what was needed before? If this is the case, there is a good chance that something is wrong with the muffler or the exhaust system of your car.

Is your car louder than usual? This is generally a tell-tale sign that there is something wrong with the muffler. Whenever the car’s ignition is on, if you find a loud whining sound from the car it could be the muffler that is to blame. In such a condition, do take your car for Exhaust Repairs At The Sunshine Coast as quickly as possible.

Does your car give out bad smells? The muffler has been designed to take out the exhaust far and away from the vehicle. However, if there is a leak of exhaust fumes it can give a bad smell which can be fatal over time.

Is there condensation in the exhaust pipes? If there is a lot of condensation in the exhaust pipes, there might be chances of the muffler leaking exhaust gases. If there is excessive exhaust leaking from the pipes, it may be a sign of your muffler getting worn out.

What is needed to be done

If you find any muffler issue that has been stated above, the only choice you have is to get your vehicle checked and serviced by a professional mechanic. You should also consider getting your vehicle serviced regularly to find any potential problems that can be nipped in the bud. You would never want to be stranded on a highway with no one to look at your car, would you?

Here’s How Your Car Should Be Prepared For Winter

Just like how you would take extra precautions during the winter, your car too needs your care and attention to ensure that it works just as well in the winters as it would in the summers. There are a few simple steps that need to be followed to ensure that the car remains in good working condition during the winter and that there is no chance of you getting stuck in the middle of nowhere or worse, meet with an accident just because you did not take the necessary precautions.

How Your Car Should Be Prepared For Winter

Here is a list of steps that you need to follow for preparing your car for the winters.

Get your car a ‘winter supply’ kit

This is one of the most important parts of your car’s winter essentials. You need to ensure that your car has an emergency kit, lest you are left with nothing if you are stranded on the highway in the middle of nowhere. You should have a winter kit which consists of a first aid kit, a charged cell phone for emergency calls, a change of warm clothes for the driver, some emergency food, a small ice scraper and a bag of sand for traction.

Check the battery

During the winters, the battery is under immense strain as it gets lower output due to the lower temperatures but has to deliver higher much more due to the increase in the usage of blowers, heaters, and the lights. Do ensure to check your battery for any potential issues so that it can be rectified at the right time.

Check the condition of the tires

The tires always need to be in a good condition, as they are essential for breaking and steering. You should ensure that the tires have the requisite pressure and tread depth for the winters so that it can work well during that time.

Get your windscreen and wipers washed

With the winters approaching, you need to ensure that the windscreen and the wipers are washed properly. This will ensure no dirt, grime, rain or anything else can get into the car and give you a bad day with a bad viewing angle.

Prepare well for a long journey

If you are planning for a long drive, you need to ensure that the climatic conditions are suitable for it and that you and your car can handle it well. Check the weather forecast of the area you are to visit and then plan accordingly. If it says that there will be a lot of rain or winds during that time, you can choose another destination or delay your trip.

Ensure your car is insured

If in case your car gets damaged, it should be covered by an insurance policy. This will ensure that there is no case of nasty surprises whenever you have gone for a road trip and end up having the car damaged. The motor insurance should cover all the cases of breakdowns so that you do not have to empty your pockets at the end of the day.

Last but not least,

Get your car serviced

Before the winter sets in, do check when your car’s service is due and promptly get the car serviced. This will ensure that no part of the car will not work due to any case of malfunction. You can take the help of Car Services At The Sunshine Coast for the best results.

Getting your car ready for the winter is now easy with car services at many places across the Sunshine Coast. Taking the right precautions are always the best option instead of having to suffer a lot due to accidents or malfunctions later.