How Do I Know Whether My Car’s Timing Belt Has Broken?

For your engine and your car as a whole, the timing belt is one item that is crucial to ensure that it works at its best at all times. If there is any chance of the engine’s timing belt getting spoilt or broken, you can expect serious trouble which might need the services of a professional to solve.

For those of you who do not know about cars, here is all what is about timing belts.

It is a part of the internal engine that connects the engine’s cam and crankshaft to make sure that all the cylinders fire at the right time. The timing belt is usually made out of rubber and is found in the front of the engine. Many newer models of cars and SUVs have timing chains of metal instead of timing belts.

Generally, timing belts are known to be long lasting. But the manufacturers usually recommend that they be replaced after the car has run a set number of kilometres or is old enough to ensure that the timing belt be replaced. The information regarding this is generally given in the car’s user manual.

Car servicing

Here are some of the common symptoms of the car’s timing belt breaking down along with its reasons.

Ticking time sound coming from the engine

In older models of cars, the timing belt is attached using a series of pulleys that is attached to the engine’s crank and cam shaft. This crankshaft helps the engine move the connecting rods which are attached to the pistons in the engine. Whenever there is a wear and tear of the timing belt, a ticking sound will appear in the engine. This can also be a warning sign that the engine has lesser lubrication. If this is the case, you need to contact your mechanic immediately.

Engine won’t start

As mentioned before, the timing belt connects the camshaft and crank. If the timing belt is broken, the engine would not even start as the timing belt is crucial to ensure the running of the engine. Along with the timing belt, the cylinder head hardware and crank bearings can also get damaged.

Misfiring engine

Due to a worn out or broken timing belt, there can be a situation where one cylinder can open earlier than the rest and can result in a misfire of the engine. This can also have a catastrophic effect on the pulley system of the timing belt. If such a condition is seen many times, do not delay and call your mechanic immediately to repair or replace the timing belt.

Oil leakage from the engine

There is also the possibility of the engine leaking oil from the cover of the timing belt. In such a case, the cover of the timing belt can come loose over a period of time. Leaking oil can also result in the engine overheating and prematurely wearing the timing belt.

Many a time, it may be difficult to find the issue with the car. In such a case, you should always contact your Car Mechanic At Maroochydore or who will ensure that your car will work properly. Do not leave any potential issue unattended, you should always contact your mechanic, on the Sunshine coast or wherever he is across the country.

How To Ensure That Your Car Is In A Good Condition

We all want to ensure that our cars are in a driving condition at all times. We want to ensure that we use the car to its fullest, ensuring that the car is used in to the best way possible. If you want to sell it, it should be in the best condition so that it fetches a good price. However, as it is said, a stitch in time is better than nine. You always need to ensure that your car is well taken care of and maintained so that it works just fine and that you do not have to encounter any issues on the road while driving. There are some small changes that you need to make to your car on a regular basis. If you cannot do it on your own, a neighbourhood mechanic can always help you.


Changing the oil

This is the most known car maintenance tip. Car companies have always said that you need to change the car’s oil every three months or after 3000 miles, whichever is earlier. However with the advancement of technology, many models and makes of cars require a change of oil at different times. To see how often you need to change your oil, consult your car salesman or mechanic and do as they say.

Rotate your tyres

Each tyre sees a lot of wearing over a long period of time. The tyres need to be rotated to ensure that the wear is even across the tyres. This means that the left side tyre has to be attached to the right side and vice versa.

Ensure proper tyre pressure

If you have underinflated tyres, they run the risk of wearing out faster besides burning more fuel than needed. On the other hand, overinflated tyres can burst anytime if not checked properly. The tyre pressure needs to be at optimum levels at all times to ensure that the car works properly.

Checking the engine’s air filter

The engine’s air filter needs to be checked at regular times, especially before you go for driving in harsh conditions. To know exactly how your air filters need to be maintained, you can refer to your car’s user manual which will help you to understand just after how much time you need to replace it.

Check the Battery

The battery of your car is vital. It needs to be checked especially for cars which are at least four to five years old. Any respectable car mechanic will have the tools to ensure that the battery is working properly or not. If the checks are not done, you risk being stranded on the side of a highway at any time.

Checking the brakes

Your breaks can wear out with time. If there is some issue with them, they will give you a grinding noise which cannot be ignored and has to be replaced as soon as possible. You can get your Brakes Repaired At The Sunshine Coast where they also do a detailed assessment of your car to know how much more maintenance is needed.

These are just some ways in which you need to check on your car before going on that long drive with your buddies. Whatever you do, these checks and changes can take just a few hours as against being stranded in the middle of nowhere for hours if your car breaks down suddenly. Do ensure you take care of your car for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Service Your Car Regularly

Every machine needs to be serviced regularly. This ensures that the machine works on expected lines and that every feature of the machine is well taken care of. The same theory works with cars. You need to ensure that your car is well maintained so that it gives you an optimum performance. All car manufacturers recommend that cars should be serviced at regular intervals. Here are the reasons why this needs to be done.

Reasons why you need to service your car regularly 1

Keeps you safe

With regular servicing of your car, you can be sure that your car is safe for use. You need to ensure that the oil is changed frequently and that the mechanics of the car is checked for any impending problem which can be solved right away. While at service, the car will be checked for the brakes, air and cabin filters and the air and cabin pressure in the tires. If anything is not working properly, it can be fixed there and then while in service. If you hadn’t serviced it, it could lead to a potential accident or could get you stranded on the highway.

Gives you an efficient car

Having regular maintenance can ensure your car is working efficiently. It helps you to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the emissions that your car emits. In fact, even something as simple as underinflated tires can cause your car to burn more fuel. Without regular maintenance, all this does not get checked.

A stitch in time saves nine

Paying for small repairs now can ensure that you do not have to pay for potentially big repairs later on, lest it manifests into an accident or the car stops working on the middle of the road. Checking your car regularly ensures that there are no possibilities of your car being damaged in the future. You can easily ensure that your car is repaired at a Car Service At Sunshine Coast whenever needed.

Better Resale Value

If in the future, you want to trade in your car for a better model, the first thing that will be seen is how well you have taken care of it. This is not just for aesthetics, but also how well maintained the car truly is. If the car is well maintained and has been serviced regularly, you will get a good value for it when exchanging or selling it.

Best reliability and performance

A car is one of the biggest assets that you can own, after your house. You got to take good care of it, if you do so, it will take good care of you. A well-maintained car will always perform better for you than a car which looks bad and has not been serviced for ages.

Need we say more? It is true that most of us cannot live our lives without our cars, but we need to take good care of it so that it can perform its best for us.